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Pat Hardison

Paired With:  Alison Hardison

Pat Hardison was born and raised in Senatobia, MS. He is a graduate of Senatobia High School.  Pat became a firefighter in October of 1994. It was a job he truly loved. He loved volunteering to help the small community that he grew up in.  All that changed on September 05, 2001. On that date the Senatobia Fire Department was called to assist with a structure fire.  Little did he know this would be his last call.  When they arrived on scene they were told was that someone was in the burning structure- without hesitation, Pat and another firefighter entered the house to search for them.   While in the house the conditions worsened and the ceiling collapsed onto Pat.  On that day everything he had worked for fell apart and he was fighting for his life in the burn unit in Memphis, TN.  His helmet melted to his face and neck and he suffered severe burns to his entire head and neck.  Pat’s story “Brave Face” that was produced by Nightline, won an Emmy award.

Pat splits his time between Senatobia and New York City. He has five children, Alison, Dalton, Averi, Braden and Cullen. Pat enjoys fishing, riding ATV’s and traveling. He also enjoys speaking to groups about the importance of fire equipment safety and sharing his story of Hope.