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Paired With: Lisa Sanders and Vanessa Price

Liesl Mote enters her seventh year as Northwest's student activities manager, cheer coach and spirit sponsor.

Mote has helped bring back male cheerleaders to the program which were absent the previous 10 years. Her squad size has also grown from 16 to over 20 and is highly competitive in making a roster spot.

In addition to her duties with cheer, Mote is the director of student activities and manages all fitness facilities and programs on the Senatobia campus. She also teaches indoor cycling, fitness and conditioning and aerobics classes in the McLendon Center.

Mote helps organize numerous on-campus events for athletics, including Meet the Rangers, tailgating and home football theme games. She also heads up the Northwest Beauty Review, Homecoming, school dances and any alcohol awareness programs.

Prior to her arrival at Northwest in August 2010, Mote spent 13 years in the Armed Forces as a SERE instructor and a federal agent. She was deployed three times as the team leader for the US Air Force anti-terrorism team, twice spending time in Iraq where she earned a bronze star and once in Pakistan.

Mote attended Northwest for two years and finished her bachelor's in outdoor recreation at Eastern Washington University in 1995.

She was married to Greg Mote from Southaven on December 28, 2013.